Close Contact Defense Instructor Level 2

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This 40-hour course was specifically designed for law enforcement violent encounters and has variables of defense that are not taught in level 1. This course deals with much more of the ground aspect as well as various takedowns to achieve a control position. The course includes choke defenses as well as teaching methodology that is taught in our level 1 course. You are not required to attend level 1 first in order to attend this course!

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This course is the next step in our Close Contact Defense Series, but the program stands alone as a practical defense system. The program is a combination of mixed martial arts that uses different strikes using all points of the body as well as ground defense control locks to maintain control until help arrives. You’ll be certified for two years to teach both standing and ground defense to your officers and are provided with our award-winning teaching methods to help you become a better instructor. You’re also provided with free phone and e-mail support to assist you with any questions you may have as an instructor which is a great resource. We know how important it is for you to improve as an instructor and to provide life-saving techniques and concepts to your officers, and this system is just the vehicle to get you there. The current instructors of our level 1 system can attend this course for the re-certification rate of $500. We do provide the equipment listed below for the course, but students are welcome to bring their own. We do not provide a mouthpiece, but that is recommended as well. The drills used in this program do consist of light striking with a partner. Each student attending this course will receive one free Blue Shield Protective Headgear with a face shield, as well as a polo style dry-fit instructor shirt and instructor manual.

Recommended equipment:

Headgear (free with tuition)

MMA style gloves (We provide use of our gloves)

Mouthpiece (Not provided)

Topics covered:

Ground Control
Ground Escapes
The clinch
Submission locks
Defense to the VNR
Team Control
Defensive & offensive drills
Teaching methodologies
Policy recommendations

Cancellation Policy

The course cancellation policy requires a minimum of a 14-day prior notice to the event when a student will not be attending the course. The notification to not attend should be made by email through our website, and if they identify no replacement student, cancellations with less than 14-day notice will be subject to a ($40.00) cancellation fee. We will charge no shows without email notification the full course fee, even if the payment has not already been received. We offer one-year future course credit for any no show that is charged a full course fee. This policy is in effect as of May 1, 2020, and you or as a representative of your agency agrees to the above policy by registering for this course. BSTS LLC sends email notifications of course cancellations or venue changes to the registered student email prior to the event, and will not be responsible for travel expenses related to these events. Please contact us by email or phone if you have questions about this policy. This policy is in place because of students that register for courses and take training slots without attending training, which potentially removes the opportunity for another officer to attend. We pay the instructors teaching these programs based on the number of officers scheduled to attend the event, which is figured into our travel cost as well. The lack of communication by officers that don’t attend or register without department approval is the reason this policy exists.

4 reviews for Close Contact Defense Instructor Level 2

  1. 5 out of 5

    Ryan Otero (verified owner)

    Great course!! Can’t wait to get back to my department and teach it. Very practical and useful. Had a great time

  2. 5 out of 5

    Renee R.

    This is an excellent course for anyone in need of practical and effective defensive tactics training. The course is well organized, and the instructor knowledgeable and thorough. I recommend this course to anyone who instructs others in defensive tactics or just wants to learn it for themselves.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Clay Williams

    Awesome class! Very well rounded. Great class discussion and excellent physical demonstrations.

  4. 5 out of 5

    T. Osborn

    Excellent course for anyone looking for practical defensive tactics. The instructor creates a positive environment and allows his students to fully grasp his concepts.

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