Close Contact Defense Instructor Course Level 1


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Close Contact Defense Instructor Course Level 1

This 40-hour defensive tactics training program is taught by law enforcement for law enforcement. This close contact defense instructor course Level 1 program focuses on takedowns and law enforcement control holds. The forming of a state-of-the-art defensive tactics training program that engages your officers and is applicable for the street is never an easy task. This course provides all the necessary tools based upon years of both police and martial arts experience that have been proven to work in the field. This is not your ordinary defensive tactics program that has been used for the past 20 years in law enforcement that actually has no practical application in the current climate. This is also not an overly complicated system that will have your officers scratching their heads with frustration after the first thirty minutes of being in class. This course was meticulously put together in a well thought out format that has been used by these instructors and their students. Your officers must be prepared for what they'll face in the real world with so many of our youth having some type of exposure to mixed martial arts training.

This course also allows you to work within the confines of your physical ability, but you'll know you've earned your certification by the end of the training event. The re-certification for this course is also 40 hours but at a reduced cost of $500.00.  We have a 40-hour re-certification program because we must know that you as an instructor have the continued knowledge necessary to save lives by being able to demonstrate this valuable information with your officers. You represent us as an instructor when you attend one of our instructor programs and our reputation in the industry is of the highest quality, which is shared in our student reviews. You won't be disappointed in the training you receive after attending this course or any of our other courses. We look forward to seeing you and your training staff at our next upcoming event. The space for this course is limited and will fill up fast!

Course Content:

2-year certification
Movement drills
Weapon disarmament
Weapon retention
Weapon drills
Ground control
Submission locks
Control holds
Team control
Teaching methodologies and policy recommendations

Cancellation Policy

The course cancellation policy requires a minimum of a 15-day prior notice from the course start date when a student will not be attending the course. The notification to not attend will be made by email through our website, and if they identify no replacement student, cancellations with less than a 15-day notice will cause a department credit that can be used towards another future training event within one year from the original course date. We will charge no-shows without email notification the full course fee, even if the payment has not already been made. We offer a one-year future course credit as well for any no show that is charged a full course fee. This policy is in effect as of June 23, 2021, and you as a representative of your agency agree to abide by this policy by registering for any course. Please contact us by email or phone if you have questions about this cancellation policy. This policy is in place because of students that register for courses and take training slots without attending training, which removes the opportunity for another officer to attend. We pay the instructors teaching these programs based on the number of officers scheduled to attend the event, and we base our travel cost including instructor pay on registration fees. This policy is considered a binding contract between BSTS LLC and the student or student agency or company.

32 reviews for Close Contact Defense Instructor Course Level 1

  1. Dan Ballenger

    This class was AWESOME. Not only did Ray touch on the technical aspect but also they why…. no matter the back round. no matter the experience. Ray offers some of the best modern and practical insights when it comes to application of force and response to aggression. He breaks it down for us to be able to carry the information in a simple and effective training platform that is effortlessly transferable to the people in our charge.

  2. Tim Billiter

    This class is for every department whether they have an experienced program or in the process of rebuilding it. Our class had a mixture of backgrounds from different law enforcement divisions and different training backgrounds. Ray teaches that no matter the persons background they can use these techniques. The techniques are technical but are simple to teach. He not only teaches techniques but also how to become a better instructor. He shows compassion for law enforcement and training.

  3. Kairi Suswell

    Ray Beshirs led an insightful and engaging close contact defense course. His explanations were clear and the techniques work under pressure. His insights on technical application for officers and security personnel are second to none and he fosters in the members of his course from the first to the last day.

  4. Chris Ray

    A great course that not only teach you techniques but how to be a better instructor. Great Course!

  5. Thomas Cuppett

    I just finished this course and can’t wait to implement it through the department. The moves are all technical and efficient, but also simple to be learned and taught to others. Ray also does a great job of opening discussions into policy and the legal side of the training. The main take always were ground defense and gaining a dominant position, effective striking, hold escapes, weapons retention and disarmament, and implementation. It was an all around good course that will be useful for the department.

  6. Larry Warner

    Took a previous ground course from this company that was excellent. This course was also outstanding. Real world techniques that translate easily to street work. I would highly recommend this course!

  7. Ben Rieves

    Blue Shield once again surpassed my expectations. The material is simple and practical. Whether you have years of experience or are new to this type of training, you will leave here a better officer and a better trainer. Well worth the investment for any department. This type of material should be the standard across the field. This training saves lives. Third Blue Shield course I’ve attended and I’m looking forward to many more.

  8. James Bates

    Excellent course very well thought out,

  9. Zachary Carter

    Great course! Not only did I learn new defensive tactics for myself, Ray has also taught me valuable ways on how to instruct others in general.

  10. Randall Anderson (verified owner)

    This DT course is great for any officer or person no matter their size. Ray gives good thorough instructions to make sure everyone gets moves and techniques. By far the best DT course I’ve taken. Definitely recommend to any agency or officer looking to improve or start their defensive tactics.

  11. Andrew Flores

    I want the pen. Great course, these techniques are applicable to any resistence an officer may face in the field. TAMUCT-PD Warrior Police TEAM Together-Everyone-Achieves-More

  12. Taylor Robertson

    Fantastic class. Ray has a great knowledge of the material as well as the ability to teach it to others. I highly recommend this class if you want to start a DT program with your agency or improve your current one.

  13. Joe Stevens

    I’ve been a DT instructor for 7 years and this training was the best I have been to thus far. The moves are simple to learn yet highly effective. Great incorporation of jiu jitsu into practical uses for an officer.

  14. Dane Kaltenbach (verified owner)

    This is one of the best training classes I have been to. No previous experience in self defense or martial arts was needed as Ray was able to bring simplicity back to the table in defense. The moves are broken down and are practiced numerous times throughout the training establishing true proficiency and confidence. I highly recommend this course to anybody/ agency wanting to establish a more diverse tactics program!

  15. Mike Zuniga

    This class was phenomenal. I have been to other defensive tactic instructor classes and this is by far the best. This course not only teaches the students how do the moves, but also how to teach others to do the moves in a simple way. This week is has been a lot of work, but a lot of fun. The learning/training enviroment was great..

  16. Chris Clewis

    This is a great class for police. The knife defense’s are broken down very simply and have great practical responses to a number of use of force situations. This class did not disappoint.

  17. Jordan Potter

    This was an excellent training class that not only teaches you the techinque but also shows you how to teach them. Ray offers current knowledge from his everyday job as a patrol supervisor which is an added benefit for the students. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking to improve there defensive tactics skills and be a valuable assets tonthere department.

  18. Clay Williams

    This was an excellent training class. The techniques taught are proven and easily applied. Not only is Ray extremely competent, he makes the class very enjoyable. It is obvious he passionate of training and teaching officers how to survive. I strongly recommend this course.

  19. Kevin Mead

    This Class was a lot of fun and well instructed. The course will give you practical application techniques and the confidence for Defensive tactics. I highly recommend taking this course and making training a priority for yourself and agency.

  20. Matthew Wheeler

    CCD1 Instructors course is course all should take. Ray is knowledgeable both with martial arts and LE. He bases the course on what’s best for the officer in the street with the tools given. Ray shows a passion for the officers he instructs as well as the product he provides.

  21. James Moore

    The instructor was extremely knowledgeable of the subject as well as being well trained in multiple martial art forms. Being a peace officer in Texas he is able to bring his experiences to help us see the practicality of what we’re learning. I would highly recommend this course to peace officers and correctional officers in order to help them be able to defend themselves. This is a physically intense class, so come prepared to work out and learn.

  22. Andrew Yoder

    Ray has both martial arts and law enforcement experience, so he knows how teach in a practical method. He has uses what he teaches and it shows.

  23. Shelby Shull

    CCD Level 1 by far is the best defensive tactics class by far!! Ray’s techniques are easy to follow and if someone is not understanding Ray walks them through it in a positive way!! If your interested in a defensive tactics class, I highly recommend CCD Level 1 with Ray Beshirs!!

  24. Zane Martin

    I came into this course only having basic knowledge of martial arts (basic academy). This course is awesome. You get plenty of reps to learn. I know so much more and I’m coming back to my department and can’t wait to show how easy and effective these moves are. I highly recommend this course to anyone of any skill level.

  25. Chris Shields

    This is some of the best training I have been too. Ray breaks down all the techniques, making them easy to learn. The material provided is both very practical and realistic. This course focuses on ending the fight as quick as possible with as little moves possible.

  26. Austin Killinger

    This class is great for learning multiple techniques you can use to teach your average officer with zero defensive skills. You get multiple reps on everything to help you retain all the material which is a good amount. It gave me multiple other control techniques to help you on the street as needed. I like the way Ray teaches and gives you pointers and teaching methods to use with your people. And the conversations are great and current related to Law Enforcement.

    Deputy A. Killinger

  27. Cory Sunnenberg

    CCDI Level 1 is a great course to expand your abilities beyond the basic standards of defensive tactics. Ray is knowledgeable in ground defense as well as standing defense. Learning tactics to assist officers of any size the use of leverage in order to overcome any size of an assailant to protect yourself and others.

  28. Jesse Hernandez

    Instructor is very knowledgeable and super understanding. Without any prior ground fighting experience or martial arts experience, this course makes you feel confident and secure in your newly obtained abilities in self defense tactics. It leaves you confident in returning to your department and providing them with very useful tools to utilize out in the field.

  29. Brandon So

    Ray is one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have had the chance to work with. The week long course is physically demanding, but is worth every ache and bruise. I appreciate the one on one time taken to ensure each student is getting the tactics down correctly.

  30. Justin Hoffman (verified owner)

    CCDI Level 1 is the best defensive tactics course that I have ever attended. Ray is extremely knowledgeable and takes a personal interest in every participants development and grasp of each technique. This training is conducted in a positive atmosphere and participants are provided with detailed explanations of each technique and given plenty of time to practice. This is the second Blue Shield Tactical course that I have had the opportunity to attend and I have been extremely impressed with all of the training that I have received. I highly recommend these courses to all law enforcement professionals.

  31. Jeff Scanlon

    CCDI Level 1 is the best training class I’ve been to in my career. I came into the class with zero knowledge in Martial Arts. I finished the class with a strong foundation to teach others. Unlike other popular Defensive Tactics classes, EVERYTHING learned in the class had a practical purpose for law enforcement. Master Instructor Beshirs maintained a positive learning environment conducive to learning a very difficult skill. I STRONGLY recommend everyone take his class. I can’t wait to pass this knowledge onto the Deputies at my Department.

  32. Nate Dancer

    CCDI Level 1 is a great course! I highly recommend it! Ray will not disappoint and neither will the other instructors! Very detailed explainations of each move as well as opportunities to practice the instruction as many times as necessary until you’re comfortable. If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask. I can’t thank Blue Shield Tactical enough for giving me the confidence needed to do what I’ve wanted to do for a long time!

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