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Close Contact Defense Instructor Course is not your typical defensive tactics course. The instructors take real life experience and knowledge, to present and train in tactics that will actually work in a dynamic real life situation. The material combined with the professionalism makes this course unique and not to be missed.

C. Reed Retired Police Sgt.

"I was highly impressed with the quality, intensity and degree of training received. I found myself pulling different points from these classes and where I could apply them, not only in my profession but my life. I would recommend Blue Shield Tactical to any officer looking to better their skills. "

R. Hayes Police Officer

Being that I am a female of small stature, I have struggled with individuals feeling that I was not capable to become a law enforcement officer. The way people made me feel tended to make me feel less confident about my ability. This defensive tactics course allowed me to have extra tools in my tool belt to make sure that I come out of every situation alive. These tactics aren’t just good for law enforcement; they are good tactics to have in everyday life. I recommend learning defensive tactics with Blue Shield Tactical Systems, and will be forever grateful for the confidence I gained and defensive tactics that will help keep me alive.

A. Mosier Police Officer

"I’m fortunate to have attended his July 2014 course. A good instructor is always looking for ways to improve, and it's evident in Ray's case. Students will have a great time, leave physically, mentally and emotionally fit. His training has been a life-changer and I look forward to the next class I get to attend. Thank you Ray, YOU ROCK!"

J. Ivanovskis, Commissioned Texas Peace Officer (Deputy Constable)

"I highly recommend Mr. Beshirs as an instructor. His instruction style is very adaptable allowing him to cover material, as well as, address unique questions or scenarios brought up by each of the class members. He takes the time to show each concept multiple times and multiple different ways to enhance the learning experience. His addition of real-world scenarios and explainations of when each concept is used greatly helped me understand and comprehend the materials. I appreciate his attention to detail and ability to push each class member to their full potential."

D. Taylor Police Officer

“Defensive Tactics Instructors are a dime a dozen in this line of work. However, the level of professionalism, knowledge base and dedication Beshirs demonstrates in class and on the mat set him apart from his peers. He is as intense as he is personable and I recommend him to anyone seeking to advance their skill set."

W. Petty Police Officer

"Ray's instruction is precise and broken down to easily understand and apply. I enthusiastically recommend Ray to anyone looking to further their knowledge."

V. Martinez former U.S. Marine

"Most realistic defense course taken in 35 years of service."

J. Hannigan - Chief of Police

"This training is by far the best I have ever seen."

C. Clark - Police Sgt.

I have been in Law Enforcement for 38 years and I would like to say that Jason presented and demonstrated the techniques and information very well and this course will help my Officers and every Officer that takes this course. I recommend this course to every Police Department and I will be telling every Police Chief this is a GREAT course.

Jeff Taylor Chief of Police

I have over thirty-one years experience in military and civilian law enforcement. Based on this, I can say Jason was an excellent trainer, in the way he presented and demonstrated the techniques and information. I would strongly recommend the training I received from him and your company to other law enforcement agencies, security, and private organizations. I look forward to attending training from your company in the future, and to instructing others in what I learned.