I would recommend this course to anyone. Being in Law Enforcement as long as I have been I thought I knew a lot however attending this class opened my eyes and gave me the additional knowledge to help me further in my career great job stay safe

Carlos Davis / De-escalation Instructor

The De-Escalation Intructor Course is phenomenal. Jason presents it in a way that is, both, educational and informative. The course not only forces you to think out side of the box, but teaches you how to do it. I recommend it to anyone.

Ronald Cooks / De-escalation Instructor Course

I flew from North Dakota to Texas with high expectations for this course and I was not disappointed. The skills taught in this course will teach you how to defend yourself in numerous situations no matter your weight or strength. It will also teach you to explain the technique, move by move, to make you a stronger instructor. I would recommend for anyone who wants a system that’s easy to use and practical.

Brian Kellebrew / Close Contact Defense Instructor Level 1

Hands down one of the best Defensive Tactics Instructor courses that I have attended. Master Ray bridges the gap between Martial Arts and Law Enforcement having extensive experience in both. The techniques are easy to understand and absolutely applicable for patrol level folks. I highly recommend this course for anyone that teaches Defensive Tactics (new and seasoned)….you will not be disappointed.

Conrad Mauer / Ground Control Instructor

Outstanding class! Jim Webster keeps the class informative and realistic. This is my first Blue Shield training and I look forward to additional training.

Ryan Solee / Patrol Knife Tactics

Great training for any level of law enforcement. Gives you a better understanding on justification and use for reacting to resistance.

DAMON OWENS / Use of Force

Great class that reviews what officers should already know and continues deeper into the topic on why the officer needs to know that information. A must for all levels of officers from rookies to veterans, line officers to administrators.

L. Chronister / Use of Force

Blue Shield once again surpassed my expectations. The material is simple and practical. Whether you have years of experience or are new to this type of training, you will leave here a better officer and a better trainer. Well worth the investment for any department. This type of material should be the standard across the field. This training saves lives. Third Blue Shield course I’ve attended and I’m looking forward to many more.

Ben Rieves / Close Contact Defense Instructor Level 1

This class is very valuable to leaders and mid level leaders. It provides insights that some leader need but may not see in themselves. Instructor was very engaging 28 year LEO

Gary Vernon / Modern Management

Interesting class. Instructor was very knowledgeable and had a lot of passion about the subject. The class made me think about different perspectives for management and leaders.

RT / Modern Management

Great course!! Can’t wait to get back to my department and teach it. Very practical and useful. Had a great time

Ryan Otero / Close Contact Defense Instructor Level 2

I have over thirty-one years experience in military and civilian law enforcement. Based on this, I can say Jason was an excellent trainer, in the way he presented and demonstrated the techniques and information. I would strongly recommend the training I received from him and your company to other law enforcement agencies, security, and private organizations. I look forward to attending training from your company in the future, and to instructing others in what I learned.

Sgt. M. Brinck / De-escalation Instructor

I have been in Law Enforcement for 38 years and I would like to say that Jason presented and demonstrated the techniques and information very well and this course will help my Officers and every Officer that takes this course. I recommend this course to every Police Department and I will be telling every Police Chief this is a GREAT course.

Jeff Taylor Chief of Police / De-escalation Instructor

"This training is by far the best I have ever seen."

C. Clark - Police Sgt. / Close Contact Defense Instructor

"Most realistic defense course taken in 35 years of service."

J. Hannigan - Chief of Police / Close Contact Defense Instructor

This was one of the best courses that I have been through in my law enforcement career. Not only were we taught a valuable, yet simple, skill set, we also were given great tips on how to actually instruct the techniques successfully. Blue Shield Tactical does a great job teaching us the skills that are needed for our jobs, instead of the check mark on old outdated defense programs. I look forward to taking more courses in the future.

Andy Marvin / Knife Defense Instructor

I attended this class, in Oklahoma with Ray, and as a 30 year plus Master Peace Officer, and instructor, I found Ray's teaching methods refreshing and easily learned. The program is spot on, and provides the user with the right blend of real world application, and provides for growth as an instructor. Highly Recommend for first time or long time instructors.

Sgt. James Loving / Knife Defense Instructor

The course was excellent. A lot of great hands on practice and techniques learned over two days.

D. Cap / Patrol Knife Tactics

Without question, the best defensive tactics course I have ever attended. Ray is highly skilled and connects very well with his students. Ray does an excellent job demonstrating the techniques, and in turn, his hands on approach makes for a good learning environment.

Bruce Koch / Ground Control Instructor

Very informative and the functionality of this course is very necessary for everyone involved in Law Enforcement. Definitely taking this information back to my department and applying it all!

Keith Ferguson / Force Options Instructor

Awesome class, has a lot of useful information. Would definitely recommend for any Law Enforcement or anyone who deals with people in difficult situations.

Kaela Schlichting / De-escalation Instructor

This was one of the best LE classes I have ever taken. It is my second Blue Shield instructor level course and won’t be the last. This class gave me tools and teaching strategies that I will take back to my agency and implement into our DT training. Ray is a very patient and detailed oriented instructor. He wants to make sure that you not only understand the techniques but that you are proficient in passing the information on to your students. The class was physically demanding, and I went home every evening with new information and new pain. I would highly recommend this course for anyone that is interested in making the members of their agency hard to kill. This will definitely help with that.