Civilian Active Shooter Response Instructor Course


The rationale behind creating this course was based upon the need for businesses and schools to have certified active shooter response instructors on staff so they can then train other staff/employees, new hires, etc.  Also, law enforcement officers could benefit from the course by becoming certified to train civilians in their respective jurisdictions.

Civilian Response to Active Shooter Instructor flyer

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The objective of this course is to certify instructors in civilian active shooter response.  This course will cover situational awareness, mental preparedness, history of active shooter events, psychological and physiological effects of a violent encounter, training mistakes, proper training defined, active shooter statistics / history, U.S. Dept. of Education and Homeland Security federal guidelines, fundamentals of blood control, and a comprehensive breakdown on the current federal guidelines of Run, Hide, Fight.  The training will also involve interactive demonstrations, scenario based training drills, and student will be required to instruct during a portion of the training.

This is a two year certification course.


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