Background Investigations Course


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At the conclusion of this 8-hour course, participants will be provided with the information necessary to complete a thorough and legally defensible employment background investigation.  Participants will discuss agency culture, generational characteristics, and recruitment practices that aid in finding the right fit for the applicant and department.  Students will examine employment law and the importance of developing a background packet that follows best practices and produces great results.  Investigative processes, tips, and various forms will be explored along with how to present the final product to the hiring managers. Students will discuss case studies to develop a thorough understanding of why we investigate and the value of taking the time and spending money upfront to avoid lawsuits. The background investigation conducted by you and your agency can be one of the most important factors taken into consideration when hiring as well as in civil and criminal courts. This course is necessary for any background investigator looking to expand the way they approach hiring in a time when finding the right employee can be a difficult task.


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