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The training shotgun is the most realistic shotgun on the market made of durable solid plastic with a realistic pump-action that allows the student to demonstrate the action of loading a round into the chamber. The shotgun also comes with one plastic round that is used to simulate loading or unloading as an added feature. The shotgun also comes with metal rings that allow the user to attach a sling for a realistic feel during training. This trainer is great for scenario-based training featuring movement or less-lethal options without the chance of deadly consequences. This shotgun should be in every arsenal of a progressive agency looking to have the most realistic training possible. The pump-action and dummy round loading feature is for demonstration purposes only and allows the trainer to see the student using features of the real weapon version. The training gun is also great for anyone looking to add weapon retention or disarmament techniques to their training. Don't pay $200 or more with some of the other less functional versions on the market today. Contact us first if you have any questions before purchasing this or any other product.

Length: approx. 38 inches

Weight: approx. 6lbs

Material: Polyurethane plastic

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