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The training handcuff is one of the essentials for any agency looking to expand on the amount of reps possible based upon a limited amount of training time. These training cuffs look and feel like your normal handcuff, except they have an easy release by simply pulling open the jaw side of the cuff. The handcuffs do feature a handcuff keyhole that does unlock the handcuff but is not necessary to release from the closed position. The handcuffs do have the normal double-locking hole one the cuff only to provide realism during training but are not a working feature to operate the cuffs. These cuffs are made for speedy application and removal where trainers and students can optimize the amount of time spent to implement the highest number of reps. These cuffs are so easy to remove that the person handcuffed can simply pull their wrist towards the jaw side and release the cuffs. These cuffs come with a 60-day moneyback guarantee concerning the failure of the handcuff structure. We'll accept returns up to 90 days for any unused handcuffs, but the purchaser is responsible for return shipping. Contact us directly if you have any questions about this product before purchasing. The handcuff comes with the option of chain or hinged. The hinged version does not come with handcuff keys, which again is not necessary to operate the cuffs.


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