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This is the next series in our Ground Control Instructor curriculum that focuses on being able to control a suspect as a team or individual officer until backup arrives. Many of these techniques and concepts branch off of our first series and are essential for any agency looking to improve its overall program. The techniques from this course work on the street and have been pressure tested with a higher percentage of probability. We teach our award-winning teaching methods in this course that will improve you overall as an instructor. We also provide support by email and phone, which is not the case with other training companies. Our trainers have a background both in martial arts and a vast career in law enforcement that allows them to combine the best of both worlds into the program. You’ll learn various simple takedowns and control positions that will give you a format to teach from that isn’t overly complicated with jargon or acronyms that you have to memorize. We focus not only on techniques but on how to interact with your officers and your administration to streamline your program with a balanced and well-thought-out approach. You’ll receive an illustrated instruction manual when you attend this course that will make it easier for you to teach once you achieve your instructor certification. We at Blue Shield Tactical hold our trainers and our students to a higher standard with what is being presented and how it is taught to their departments. We give our very best when we’re teaching and focus on improving you as an instructor. Our goal is to see you succeed and save lives through the information you provide. We look forward to seeing you and your staff at our next training event, but we suggest you read our unfiltered student reviews if you have any doubts. We offer this program at the recertification rate for instructors that have attended our first series and are current with their certification. We do not require you to have attended our first Ground Control Series to attend this program. Contact us today to host this course and others at your facility.
Topics covered:
Control Positions
Team Control
Positional Flow
Teaching Methods
Response to Resistance definitions
Policy Recommendations
Investigation Concepts
Documenting training
Increasing Admin Involvement


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