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This 2-day course was developed specifically for law enforcement officers with the purpose of increasing awareness of edge weapons and familiarizing officers with every day carry (EDC) tactical folder as both a utility tool and a defensive/offensive edge weapon.

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Patrol Knife Tactics Training Course

Designed for law enforcement knife tactics involving the use of the patrol knife, and considerations concerning policy and training considerations. We've found that almost every officer in an agency will carry an edged tool at some point in their career, but you'll soon discover that most have had no training when it comes to the use of this tool, which is the reason this high demand course was created. Most officers couldn't tell you why they selected the knife they currently carry or where to carry the knife on their bodies. The knife is great for getting someone off of you where you can't access your firearm, or the situation is too close to attempt to access a firearm. This 2-day (16 hour) course was developed specifically for law enforcement officers, and the primary purpose of this training is to educate officers on the tactical folder as a tool and as a weapon for defense. The training will also cover the fundamentals necessary for surviving an edged weapon attack and for using a knife in a deadly force encounter to stop an immediate lethal threat when no other force options are available. Due to the depth of information regarding knives and their use, this course will focus mainly on tactical folders for law enforcement EDC. You won't find another course currently on the market that offers this kind of training to law enforcement by law enforcement instructors. This course will fill up quickly due to the high demand for this type of training!

Knife Familiarization
Selection & Maintenance
Legal Issues & Concerns
Carry Options for Duty
Drawing & Deployment Methods
Body Mechanics & Distance Management
Handling & Targeting Considerations
Unarmed Response Tactics
Ground Survival & Escape
Emergency Wound Management
Reality-Based Training
Cost: $275.00

Cancellation Policy

The course cancellation policy requires a minimum of a 15-day prior notice from the course start date when a student will not be attending the course. The notification to not attend will be made by email through our website, and if they identify no replacement student, cancellations with less than a 15-day notice will cause a department credit that can be used towards another future training event within one year from the original course date. We will charge no-shows without email notification the full course fee, even if the payment has not already been made. We offer a one-year future course credit as well for any no show that is charged a full course fee. This policy is in effect as of June 23, 2021, and you as a representative of your agency agree to abide by this policy by registering for any course. Please contact us by email or phone if you have questions about this cancellation policy. This policy is in place because of students that register for courses and take training slots without attending training, which removes the opportunity for another officer to attend. We pay the instructors teaching these programs based on the number of officers scheduled to attend the event, and we base our travel cost including instructor pay on registration fees. This policy is considered a binding contract between BSTS LLC and the student or student agency or company.

24 reviews for Patrol Knife Tactics Course

  1. Chase Zavoina

    This class was phenomenal. It will open your eyes to not just knife attacks and the high probability tactics to defend against them, but also the numerous weapons of opportunity that you must be aware of.

  2. Tommy Wagnon-Farmers Branch PD 17yrs

    This was an excellent course which provided a realistic approach to edged weapon defense and offense. Jim Webster is very knowledgeable of the subject matter and presented the class clearly and provided techniques and concepts that are easy to learn and have a higher probability of success than traditional martial arts weapon defenses. Can’t wait to implement the lessons from this course into my department’s Defensive Tactics training.

  3. Damon Taylor

    An essential, yet easily overlooked area that all officers should know. The course content is well balanced between conceptual and practical exercises. Instructor was highly knowledgeable and his teaching style made it easy to understand and apply the material. Use of various training tools and hands on exercises help solidify retention of the material. Highly recommend for any officer, especially patrol officers.

  4. Brady Murphy

    Simple approach to edged weapon defense that is usable in real world scenarios. Very knowledgeable instructor with real world experience.

  5. Michael Roybal

    Fantastic course, Jim Webster demonstrates great fundamental concepts and skills that can be put to great use during realistic life events that accur during day to day routines.

  6. Ryan Bassett

    Great course. Eye opening for sure. Highly recommended.

  7. Scott Pula (verified owner)

    Very practical and effective course to take. The instructor was very knowledgeable and gave real life examples. The best part about the concepts learned is that they can be utilized in any situation and is not confined to only edged weapons.

  8. Dr. Matthew Stiehm

    Great Class — I have been to a lot of use of force classes, and this was well taught, with practical techniques. For an end user it is ideal.

  9. Mike Hoffman

    Great class. Learned things I wouldn’t have thought of had I not taken this class

  10. Sedrick

    Great class….would go to it again.

  11. John Reigstad

    Very realistic training. Encourage people to attend the training.

  12. Jeff (verified owner)

    A must attend for patrol officers. Enhances your skills in an often neglected field.

  13. Brad Teich

    Outstanding realistic training that I highly recommend for every patrol officer. Practical and timely information and techniques.

  14. Ryan Solee

    Outstanding class! Jim Webster keeps the class informative and realistic. This is my first Blue Shield training and I look forward to additional training.

  15. LE student

    Very realistic and practical course. Would recommend this course to any working in law enforcement

  16. Nick Tougas

    Great class, very practical applications and scenarios, very knowledgeable instructor, I would recommend this course.

  17. Jesse Whitten

    Jim Webster was a great instructor for law enforcement. Practical tools, concepts, and physical and mental reps packed into the class. I would recommend this training to my fellow patrol officers.

  18. Randy Dorr

    The course opens ones eyes to how quickly a knife attack can happen. Working in the knife flow drills helps with understanding the principles of knife attacks via the angles and how to defend against the slash. The one on one sparring with the training knives help with the footwork. Jim Webster knows what he is talking about and breaks down the principles so they are easy to understand.

  19. Ben

    This class was great! It oened your eyes to new techniques and perspectives.

  20. Austin Farrell

    A great class that gives you the skills to help keep you alive when you come into contact with a subject armed with a knife. Highly recommended.

  21. D. Cap

    The course was excellent. A lot of great hands on practice and techniques learned over two days.

  22. R. Jones

    This course was very well worth while. The hands on application made the class enjoyable and allowed for the core concepts to be learned.

  23. K.Kotfila

    Loved the hands on aspect. Never would have thought to use a knife as a defensive weapon, but another great tool to have.

  24. J. Sparks

    Great class and well taught. Hands on demos were organized and realistic. All drills were made for police officers and not for a ninja. Well done.

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