Bobby recently retired, March 1, 2023, from the Alabama Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission as an investigator. He spent six years as Chief of Police at Dothan Regional Airport Police Department and retired from Ozark Police Department, with the rank of Captain over Special Operations, after twenty-five years. He is currently serving as a board member with Institute of Criminal Justice Education (ICJE) and Alabama Police Trainers Association (APTA). He attended the FBI National Academy #249. He has been state certified as an APOSTC instructor since 2004. He is an adjunct instructor for Auburn University Montgomery and Jacksonville State University. Throughout his career, Bobby has served as special weapons and tactics commander, regional disaster response team commander, traffic homicide investigations commander, commercial vehicle enforcement commander, honor guard commander, training division commander, internal affairs investigations along with numerous other duties.

Bobby is a state certified law enforcement trainer in general studies and advanced studies. He is a FBI firearms instructor, officer survival instructor, active shooter instructor, implicit bias instructor, chemical weapons instructor, taser instructor, basic and advanced driving instructor, terrorism instructor, in-car video instructor, immigration (civil rights and civil liberties) instructor, standardized field sobriety tests instructor, Russian hand to hand combat instructor, ground fighting instructor, and numerous other instructor certifications.

10 years as a Missouri Police Officer
United States Air Force 1997-2007
Nuclear Security Operations as a Security Forces (Police) controller/trainer
Special-Operations position at the Air Mobility Warfare Center (AMWC) located at Fort Dix, NJ
Phoenix Raven/Readiness instructor in 2001
2001-2003 United States Air Marshall
2003 – Master Instructor in over 30 courses while assigned to the Air Mobility Warfare Center
Military College accredited courses including Anti/Counter-Terrorism, Combat/Defensive Tactics, Tactical Communication, and Defensive Operations
College of the Air Force with an Associate in Applied Science of Criminal Justice.
Has conducted over 50 combat operations, and instructed over 8,000 personnel
Instructor for the Eastern Missouri Police Academy
Subject matter expert in de-escalation for the State of Missouri

Brian is a certified peace officer in the State of Colorado, where he has served for 25 years as a volunteer and paid employee.  Brian has been a Cadet, Reserve Deputy, Dispatcher, Jail Deputy, Patrol Officer, Training & Personnel Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Professional Standards Unit Sergeant, and Commander.  He has been teaching a variety of topics to both sworn personnel and civilians for over 30 years and has a Bachelor in Education and a Master’s of Science in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Human Resources.

Brian has held 16 collateral assignments throughout his career to include honor guard, field training officer, driving instructor, de-escalation instructor, SWAT negotiator, voice-stress analyst, linguistics analyst, integrity interviewer, CVSA operator, and background investigator.  Since 2010, he has been working primarily on administrative tasks in training, hiring, and internal affairs.  Brian has logged over 5,000 hours of training coordination.  He has personally taught thousands of hours of classes on a variety of topics to both sworn and civilian staff.

During his time in the personnel division, he coordinated 150 hiring processes where he hired 200 employees and volunteers.  During his tenure, officer retention increased by 21%.  As the agency lead on background investigations, he has completed over 400 employment backgrounds and taught dozens of personnel on this important topic.  He is passionate about finding exceptional candidates that accurately fit the job for which they applied.

Phil Holmes currently holds a Missouri Generalist and Specialist Instructor Certification, with 29 years of law enforcement service. He has well over 18 years of instructor experience with police personnel involving defensive tactics, domestic violence, racial profiling, and report preparation.

He teaches courses at the Eastern Missouri Law Enforcement Academy and at his home agency for officers and recruits concerning defensive tactics techniques, racial profiling,  and responses to domestic violence. He is an experienced officer, formerly assigned to Patrol, DARE, SWAT, and DWI enforcement.  He graduated from the Nevada Highway Patrol Academy in Carson City, NV.  He is a graduate of the Missouri Baptist University with a bachelor of science degree in Administration of Justice.

Robert has over 20 years of law enforcement experience and currently trains law enforcement officers and civilians nationwide. Rob specializes in Single Officer Active Shooter Response Tactics for Law Enforcement, Civilian Active Shooter Response, Close Quarters Lethal Threats, Counter-ambush Tactics, Edged Weapons, Tactical Movement and Entry, and various forms of armed and unarmed combat. Rob is one of the top active shooter response trainers in the United States. Rob has worked as a patrol officer, detective, trainer, special response team leader, and school resource officer. He has degrees in Criminal Justice and Public Safety Administration. Rob was an academy instructor for six years where he trained in various basic and advanced law enforcement topics.

Rob is a Crossfit Coach and has over 20 years of martial arts experience. He captured the title of Triple Crown Martial Arts Champion for two consecutive years, as well as a National Weapons Champion. He is also in the National Sport Karate Hall of Fame. Rob has trained thousands of people nationwide, including SWAT, Federal Agents, Military Personnel, Public School Districts, and Universities. He also specializes in corporate training for business owners and their staff.

18 years Texas Police Officer
Master Peace Officer License (TCOLE)
Experienced Field Training Officer (FTO)
Police Defensive Tactics Instructor
Simunition Scenario & Safety Instructor
Police Firearms Instructor Certification (TCOLE)
Police Instructor Certification (TCOLE)
Martial Arts Instructor (Various Systems)
22 Years Military Service (1995-Present)
US Army Chief Warrant Officer
USACIDC Special Agent
Extensive DoD Protective Services Training & Experience
Master of Science in Criminal Justice

23 Years as a Texas Police Officer
Master Peace Officer License
Over 18 Years of police teaching experience
Experienced FTO
Professional Standards Supervisor
Public information officer
Detective Crimes Against Children / Child Abduction Response Team
Texas Instructor Certification
Police Krav Maga Instructor
Teaches both gun and knife disarmament techniques
Police academy adjunct instructor teaching various courses
17 Years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaching police/cadets, and military personnel
Black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Brown belt in Krav Maga
Experienced in Kenpo Karate
Experience in various other styles of martial arts
4 Time outstanding instructor awards
Scenario-based training instructor
Has taught several systems throughout his years as a police officer
Graduate of the Force Science Institute use of force examination
Has been involved in use of force policy for DFW agency
Teaches courses throughout the United States
Published author
Featured in the video documentary “Wristlock” how martial arts influences law enforcement use of force