Solo Response Tactics for Law Enforcement


This 24-hour training will cover situational awareness, mental preparedness, history of active shooter events, psychological and physiological effects of a violent encounter, mistakes we’ve made in law enforcement responses, proper training defined, active shooter statistics, bleeding control in a combat setting, downed officer recovery, movement drills, solo room entries, shoot/no-shoot decision making, directed fire, distractions and force-on-force training with live-fire drills.

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This training might not be for you, but you’ll find that most policies and taught procedures say that first on the scene to an active shooter incident goes into the building. This high-speed solo response tactics course shows you how to respond effectively, and stresses speed, surprise, and aggressive action.  This course consists of force on force training exercises using airsoft with protective equipment. You’ll find that Action always beats reaction; so what if you could always cause the action and force the bad guy to react?  Understand how humans process information and use that to your advantage along with proper use of cover/concealment and tactics to completely overwhelm the bad guy and win.  This course is only offered to active Law Enforcement, Active military, and Armed Security.  You will learn how to engage in multiple deadly force threats by yourself. You’ll find that this course will exceed all your expectations.

Course Content:

Mental Preparedness
Solo Building Clearing
Solo Room Entries
Directed Fire
Force on Force Training
Downed Officer Recovery
Shoot/No Shoot Decision Making under Stress
Proper use of Cover/Concealment
Psychological Effects of Combat
Physiological Effects of Combat
Active Shooter History and Statistics

Method of instruction: PowerPoint, demonstrations, scenario-based force on force training and drills.

Materials student needs: Uniform or BDU, duty gear and a ballistic vest.

Master Instructor: Robert Tirollo

Cancellation Policy

You and your agency agree to the following policy by signing up for training with Blue Shield Tactical Systems LLC. We provide full refunds on all student registrations that cancel or change course locations that are outside 14 days of the course start date, but a 5% processing fee is charged for all student cancellations or course location changes that are within 14 days of the course start date. We do not provide refunds for students that do not show for training, but we will provide a credit for the same course at a future location.


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