Social Media Is Redefining Policing: Are you prepared?


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At some point we’ve all felt backed into a corner during a crisis and had trouble figuring out how to respond publicly – this 8-hour course gives you actionable techniques to craft your public messaging according to your agenda, rather than someone else’s. There are no broad theories in this course – You’ll see real-world examples of communication failures and successes, and take away sound strategies for preparing for and responding to media inquiries and press conferences. Our trainers will present their personal insights and experience (and lessons learned the hard way) for class discussion. Attendees can expect to take away actual tools and techniques that are universal to messaging and make you more comfortable handing public information on the fly. This course is perfect for PIO’s, agency heads, command staff, digital communications teams, and anyone in messaging or media relations.

Topics covered:

The “Message Bases

Influence Through Communication

Digital Download

Faster than Now

Case Study Review

Practical exercises



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