Reducing The Threats Of Intake


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This 8-hour program will provide officers with a better understanding of the threats that are encountered during the intake process. When accepting subject(s) that have been
arrested there are many dangers that must be confronted. This course will help you diagnose and prescribe the most common dangers that a facility faces during the intake process

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The rationale behind creating this 8-hour course was based upon the need for corrections officers, sheriffs, and other detention facilities to have a better understanding of how to address the threats that are encountered during the intake process. The Intake at a jail is one of the most dangerous aspects of Corrections. Subjects that enter the facility often are in the worst shape of their life, both physically & mentally. Their health, emotions, and mental status are often in an altered and dangerous state, and the intake officer must be able to diagnose the problem and protect the subject and facility on all levels. This course will incorporate scenario-based training where officers will act out many of the common scenarios that Correctional Officers face.

Course topics include:

Liabilities that a facility and officer face during the intake process.

Common threats that officers

Intake concerns

Intoxicated inmates

Mental Health issues

Substance withdrawals

Medical concerns

De-escalation concepts

Searching process


Control holds



Cancellation Policy

The course cancellation policy requires a minimum of a 15-day prior notice from the course start date when a student will not be attending the course. The notification to not attend will be made by email through our website, and if they identify no replacement student, cancellations with less than a 15-day notice will cause a department credit that can be used towards another future training event within one year from the original course date. We will charge no-shows without email notification the full course fee, even if the payment has not already been made. We offer a one-year future course credit as well for any no show that is charged a full course fee. This policy is in effect as of June 23, 2021, and you as a representative of your agency agree to abide by this policy by registering for any course. Please contact us by email or phone if you have questions about this cancellation policy. This policy is in place because of students that register for courses and take training slots without attending training, which removes the opportunity for another officer to attend. We pay the instructors teaching these programs based on the number of officers scheduled to attend the event, and we base our travel cost including instructor pay on registration fees. This policy is considered a binding contract between BSTS LLC and the student or student agency or company.



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