Managing Use of Force & Investigations for Correctional Officers


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The rationale behind creating this 8-hour course was based upon the need for investigators, trainers, and supervisors to be able to better process the events concerning the use of force. With the absence of thorough report writing concerning the use of force has, and continues to cause issues with civil and criminal litigation.

This course will address some of those deficiencies with a better-quality understanding of the niceties needed in a response to resistance reports, along with enhanced courtroom testimony. This course also delves into the reason for training and documentation of response to resistance. The student will have a healthier appreciation of the investigation process from the internal affairs phase concerning the investigation standpoint and progression.   The attendees will review some of the most recent trends related to the use of force, investigation, training and policy development.

Topics Covered:

  • How corrections officers get sued
  • Constitutional Standards
  • Federal Case Law
  • Force Continuum
  • Organizational Policy/Review and Best Practices
  • Liability and Suits
  • Human Performance
  • Use of Cameras – Limits
  • How do you define force within your institution
  • What equipment do you utilize at your institution
  • What is your basic/recruit level training
  • What is your advanced instructor level training


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