Tactics Based Scenario Instructor


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This course was designed to teach tactics concerning scenario-based training that will improve the overall training experience for any officer. This information can be implemented with an existing tactics program that will take the officer capability to the next level. We go into details not only about how to interact with the students but as well as how to design scenarios so they are functionally realistic. We focus on safety points of teaching this type of training to reduce liability for the department and instructor. You don’t need a horde of expensive equipment to be able to provide this type of training, but rather the right tools to build a positive training involvement for the officers in your agency. The instructors attending this training will return with not only an in-depth understanding of how to structure scenario-based training but also with several scenarios already built by their class that will allow them to immediately implement training. The knowledge learned in this course will improve you as an instructor and give you a better understanding of what it takes to have a positive training environment within your department that will save lives and reduce liability.

Topics taught:

Teaching methods
Scenario forms
How to interact with students
How to build scenarios
Hands-on structuring of scenarios
Implementing scenarios during class
Examples of scenarios gone wrong
Staff requirements
Equipment requirements
Safety standards

24-hour course
Instructor tactical t-shirt awarded
Instructor certificate
3-year certification

Cancellation Policy

You and your agency agree to the following policy by signing up for training with Blue Shield Tactical Systems LLC. We provide full refunds on all student registrations that cancel or change course locations that are outside 14 days of the course start date, but a 5% processing fee is charged for all student cancellations or course location changes that are within 14 days of the course start date. We do not provide refunds for students that do not show for training, but we will provide a credit for the same course at a future location.


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