Bulletproofing DUI Investigations


8-hour Bulletproofing DUI / DWI Investigations

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The rationale behind creating this 8-hour course is based upon the need to better prepare for officers to ensure a conviction through proper handling of DUI/DWI offenses from the street to the courtroom. Of all the traffic stops conducted, one of the most important in preventing serious injuries and death to the public is DUI enforcement. While obtaining DRE and SFST certifications are important, what is usually lost is the art of thoroughly crafting a report that is “bulletproof” against cross-examination in court. Through interaction with students, this class will address deficiencies in their investigations to ensure the successful prosecution of their cases. The students will participate through open and honest discussions about their experiences. Students will participate in vignettes during the one-day class. We find that officers will have an increase in confidence as well as an improvement in DWI/DUI documentation after attending this program. Often times officers become hesitant of drunk driving enforcement due to not having enough experience and knowledge. This course will improve overall performance and allow for increased prosecutions in the courtroom. This is a course that every patrol officer should have on their resume.


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