Blue Shield Challenge Coin


This Blue Shield Tactical Challenge Coin is great for anyone looking to expand their collection of collector coins. Price includes shipping!

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This is our newest challenge coin design that has the Blue Shield Instructor logo displayed on the front with “Blue Shield Tactical Instructor” in the center in a raised metal, and the law enforcement thin blue line flag on the back with “Excellence in Training” surrounding the edge of the coin. The price of the coin includes shipping!


Prior to actual Challenge Coins being minted, soldiers who acted bravely in battle would be rewarded by comrades or superiors by buying that individual a drink. They would give that soldier a coin to buy the drink but more commonly, they would make a spectacle by slapping it down loudly on the bar or presenting them a coin in an informal group setting. Receiving a coin from an officer was generally a considerably more valuable coin and rarely presented.

Challenge coins were also known as “Portrait Medals” during the Renaissance and were often used to commemorate specific events involving royalty, nobility, or other types of well-to-do individuals. The medals would be given as gifts or awards, and people also exchanged them with friends and associates. The most common format was for one side to depict the patron while the other showed something that represented that individual’s family, house, lineage, and/or seal.


Product: Blue Shield Challenge Coin
Material: zinc alloy
Craft: soft enamel
Plating: nickel
Size: 45mm
Thickness: 3mm


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